Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Old Friends

My love for today is old friends. I feel like it has been 100 years since I have seen some of them. The first picture is of my dear friend Megan. I have not seen her in over a year. The other two are from Courtney's wedding in 2006 and are mostly friends from high school. The second picture is when I found out (from my mom over the phone) that Courtney's wedding cake had fallen over. Note the looks of extreme horror on our faces. The third is a picture of my friends Jamie and Breanna who were wonderful friends in high school. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am thinking of you tonight and as we approach the 5 year anniversary of our graduation I am looking forward to seeing you all soon :)

P.S. I went through some of my old files and found some more old favorites. One of a fun night with Kerry, Maggie, Megan, and Christina. (I didn't have any with Mary they are all on my external hard drive which is in the shop, but I still love you!) One with Cookie from a Halloween about a million years ago. Another with Cara and Courtney and one from Kayla's birthday.

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  1. JPII said "You end up resembling the company you keep." I love all of your friends, they are good kids, just like you! Jamie's mom came to tea today! She wants Jamie to buy my shop and move back to MO... Now we just need to get her husband on board...