Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Cosette!

My cat, Cosette celebrated her fifth birthday today and she is my love for the day. I felt bad because I did not get home from work until after 9pm and did not get the chance to stop and buy her flowers. Cosette likes very few things in this world and flowers are one of them. Here are some pictures of her over the years. We have been through a lot together, she has always been a very patient and caring friend. She will be getting some birthday flowers tomorrow :)


  1. I'm still amazed that she is the only cat that never gets me sick...and I'm saying that as I'm sitting here sick from a cat :(

  2. Cosette is a precious angel and her Grandma misses her so much since she moved away! I will get her some flowers when I come to visit. Give her a Birthday kiss for me!