Friday, March 6, 2009


My love for today is Koalas. Last night my boyfriend and I had a long conversation about how we were going to get boy and girl Koalas and they were going to have babies. Then we were going to go into the Koala breeding business. After I did some research and realized that short of buying my own zoo I was probably not going to be able to just "get" a Koala, I decided to make my love for the day Koalas. I just think they are the sweetest, most gentle creatures. I think what sparked my interest in Koalas was this story about a Koala who survived the horrible brushfires in Australia. It is a really heartwarming story and I encourage everyone to lend their support to the efforts of those who are caring for the precious survivors.

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  1. I remember when we saw Koala bears at the San Diego Zoo. We were almost as intrigued with them as we were with the Panda bears we saw that day. You were just 13... I miss you!